Adamson's Attic

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Welcome to Adamson's Attic.

Adamson's Attic is full of Toys, Comics and Memorabilia from TV/Films/American Football. Dates range from 70s to today. Some of it is for sale because I need the space and I'd rather things went to someone who would actually want them! Because we are a small operation selling off our Comics, Toys and Collectables, that we have gathered and looked after since we were children, we aren't interested in buying more Comics Toys or Collectables, just trying to make more space in our Attic for the less cool stuff.

Some of the items we find in the Attic aren't for sale and you can see those on our facebook page.

How to buy from us

We've tried the Ebay route to sell things in the past and while it was successful, it's also a lot of work and with the majority of collectors items it's much better to see the item yourself rather than us guess the condition. So we'd rather sell to people we can meet! To that end we've had table at the Edinburgh Toy and Comic Marts and the Comic and Toy Fair in Glasgow.

Obviously not everyone can make it to those Marts/Fairs so we offer you a chance to meet up in person in and around Edinburgh so you can inspect what we have.

If you trust our descriptions for anything we have you can also pay via paypal and we'll post things out to you but please contact us for more information about that route as we want to make sure you get what you want.

Please note this website is really for listing what we've found in the Attic and everyting listed here is or was for sale!- it's not complete yet as you can see some things haven't been priced yet. If you want to see some of the cool stuff we find that isn't for sale or if you just want to talk about some of the Toys we have found (and we STILL have boxes to open) please do go Check us out on Facebook.


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